Friday, February 12, 2016

Agribusiness Club Project On Target


Dagoretti Nyakinyua School Agribusiness Club 2016 Projects

We are barely into the month of February, and the Agribusiness Club participants at Dagoretti Nyakinyua School in Molo, Kenya already have a great deal to be proud of in this year, 2016.  It is our second planting season.  The club’s crop production is proving to be quite successful. 

Despite the academic challenges students are facing this year, they persevere in their efforts to maintain a healthy and abundant school-farming business club.  (Far be it for me to criticize the public school system in Kenya.  However, Kenya, like other countries in Africa and also here in the U.S.A. face challenges of corruption; child poverty/hunger; excessively large class sizes;  funding challenges;  teaching staff shortages; teacher strikes; etc.).

As you can see from the pictures we have posted, all of the crops are growing beautifully, despite the fact that we have yet to dig our burl hole—for irrigation purposes. The weather has been kind to our Agribusiness Club’s food producing crops—sunshine and rain.  We have no complaints, only gratitude.

Goals in Place, and We are on Target   

 Project 1
  • Our Traditional Farming project is well underway (Project started in 2015 with the help of Facebook Seed Donors and others.).  As mentioned, we’re already growing our 2nd set of vegetable crops.

  • As the primary donor, my personal contribution to this particular Agribusiness Club project will be to send funds to Dagoretti School via Mr. Kiwara--Deputy Head at TSU, Kenya--for the ‘digging’ and ‘ground construction’ of our Burl Hole (well).  (Funds for this project will be sent Friday, 2-12- 2016). 

By the time the burl hole is completed, we hope to have the amount of funds needed to purchase a small irrigation kit or two to help during dry seasons.  We are currently investigating 1-of-2 options:

 Project 2
  • The MoneyMaker Hip Pump – It is the latest and more affordable version. It has the capability of irrigating up to 1 acre of farmland.  The latest price listing for the hip pump is $70.

  • The MoneyMaker Max Pump – Is a larger, human-powered, and more durable version that resembles a StairMaster.  It’s cost effective, but also more expensive than the hip pump version (mentioned above).  MoneyMaker Max is capable of irrigating up to 2 acres of farmland.  We will be contacting KickStart to get a quote in weeks to come.

KickStart – Kenya
P.O. Box 64142
Nairobi 00620
Tel/Fax: +254.20.3740176

Peace and blessings,
Donna Patton

Nyakinyua Rise!                     
Dagoretti Nyakinyua Primary School
c/o Bisnah Kiwara, Teacher/School Administrator/NCEP Manager
P.O. BOX 438
Molo, Kenya 20106

Abrah-Cove Publishing  
Donna Patton, 
NCEP Director & Principle Donor
Indiana,  USA

Jlin  (USA)

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