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Nyakinyua Community Empowerment Program was originally founded by Bisnah Kiwara, as the “Help Ministry” in November of 2012.  Kiwara was then and is today a teacher and deputy principle at Dagoretti Nyakinyua School in Molo, Kenya.  The purpose of the “Help Ministry” was to encourage Facebook social networkers to join him in his effort to provide gifts for his impoverished students.  One day on December 16, 2012, the kindhearted Mr. Kiwara was inspired to post a plea on his Facebook timeline for the children (orphaned students) of Dagoretti Nyakinyua School:

“As Christmas approaches, there are those who will have more than they need, and yet others will be wishing there were no celebrations because they will have nothing.  Let’s share with them what we have for that is what extending God’s love is.”

Mr. Kiwara’s humble plea moved me, as I read his post.  But like many others, after I was done reading it, I kept on scrolling. And, then I saw a picture he’d posted of unfinished brickwork that was started, in an attempt to build an orphanage.  Clearly, little had been accomplished to complete the structure.  Again, I was moved, but did nothing right away.  “Who was this man, talking to?”  I thought to myself. Obviously, no one was listening to him.  Nevertheless, as time went on...

Mr. Kiwara continued with his humble appeals to get support for his students - obviously determined to totally humiliate himself before the entire world!!  To my surprise, I soon discovered someone had been listening - ME.  I discussed the matter with my daughter, Jlin, and together we joined forces to send monthly donations to help fund basic needs (food, clothing, school fees) of the orphans. 

It was on December 29, 2013 when I came across another post written by Mr. Kiwara on the “Help Ministry” timeline that read, “They need our love if they have to make it.”  He was referring to a number of female students who are forced to stay home from school each month during their menstrual cycles.  None of these girl’s families can afford to buy sanitary napkins.  On the same timeline post mentioned above, one of Mr. Kiwara’s relatives volunteered and then promised to send cases of sanitary napkins for female students on a monthly basis.  We were overjoyed by her kindness.

“We are already empowered to help these orphans if we will choose to do so.”  I told him.  “You can count on me to …"   --Donna Patton

Somewhere around that same time, my daughter, Jlin, and I committed ourselves to support Mr. Kiwara in his quest to change the lives of the students on an indefinite basis, especially when we realized the orphans (who had very little) were oftentimes provided for moreso than many of the other students at Dargoretti Nyakinyua School.    

To make a long story short, we have continued to this day to develop, create and fund ongoing projects, like those I hope you’ll read about here on this blog, "Nyakinyua Rise".  Our goal is to be of assistance to all of the students (including the orphans) so they acquire skills that we believe will motivate them to become self-sufficient, and ultimately lead them out of their impoverished conditions and to better lives altogether.

Nyakinyua Rise!   
Donna Patton

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