First Time in Kenya

Week One

I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on a Monday night in late November 2015.  After a full day of recovering from a case of jet lag, I eventually treated myself to a lovely meal, and prepared myself to get up early the following day.  Arrangements had been made in advance with the Dagoretti Nyakinyua School principle for me to meet a number of students.  I was anxious, and looking forward to the campus tour I had been promised.  I also eagerly anticipated having one-on-one conversations with some of the school’s Agribusiness Club members, teachers, administrators, and community volunteers, who were participating in the traditional farming project.

I woke up very early the next morning, excited, but a little nervous about the long and bumpy over-the-road journey through the Rift Valley.  The driver arrived at my hotel promptly at 6:30am, and we hit the road at 6:45am.  Since this was my first time in Africa, my Kenyan hosts thought it would be best to forewarn me about road and driving conditions before I got there.  They were right to do so.  The trip to Molo was indeed a rough and long one, but equally as fascinating, and well worth every bump we hit!  The scenery was breathtaking, just as I’d expected it would be. 

By the time we arrived at the Dargoretti Nyakinyua School campus, it was 1:00pm.  I was welcomed by students, administrators, teachers, parents and other community representatives, who also appeared eager to meet me, as well.  What I had expected to be a small, casual gathering turned out to be a welcome home to Africa celebration’—like only Kenyan children could do. They had actually prepared a program in my honor, which was an overwhelmingly wonderful experience.  Each presentation was done in groups by students at a level of excellence I could never have imagined, considering English is their 3rd language (Nyakinyua/mother tongue-1st, Kiswahili-2nd, and English-3rd). 

Many, many thanks to each student, teacher, administrator, parent, Nyakinyua community, and to those who served as hosts, and were my direct contacts with Dagoretti Nyakinyua School.  The experience was marvelous!

Week Two

The following week was my much needed vacation, dining at the fabulous ‘Carnivore Restaurant,’ Sight-seeing,’ 'Safari' 'Elephant Orphanage,’ 'Giraffe park' and 'Museum' ‘Sunday Brunch at the ‘Villa Rosa Kempinski’ and more.

Nyakinyua Rise!   
Donna Patton

Dagoretti Nyakinyua School
Nyakinyua Community Empowerment Program

Dagoretti Nyakinyua School
c/o Bisnah Kiwara, Teacher/School Administrator/Project Overseer
P.O. BOX 438
Molo, Kenya 20106

Abrah-Cove Publishing - NCEP
c/o Donna Patton, Project Administrator/Coordinator & Principle Donor
Indiana  USA

Jlin  (USA)

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