Open Letter

Dear students:

The journey to change your circumstances for the better begins in your own mind(s).  You can use your imagination(s) to envision the changes you want to see happen in your lives.  It does not matter from where you began your journey in life or what your circumstances might be at this time.  What matters most, is that YOU...

  • decide where you want to go. 
  • determine how you plan to get there and how far you are willing to travel.
  • diligently prepare yourself for the journey.
  • take a course of action(s) to get yourself to the destination of your choice.

You are Empowered to Dream and Move Far Beyond Your Circumstances 

What is it you want most to accomplish in your life?  It's an important question you should not take lightly.  Be clear about your personal goal(s), whatever they might be.  Ultimately, your family, community, fellow-Kenyans, and the entire planet will, in some great or small way, be impacted by what plan(s) you choose to put into action.  The fact of the matter is that every one of us is interconnected in some way (great or small) with each other and all else that exists.

Every single action we take in our individual lives ripples out into the universe (into eternity), like rain drops onto the ocean ripples outward into infinity.    

You were born in the cradle of humanity - on the richest, most abundant, beautiful, and envied land in all of the earth. Who you are and where you've come from is a big deal! You come from the Continent of Afrika (Kiswahili for Africa).  You are direct descendants of the Motherland.  Don't allow anyone to deceive you or influence you to sell yourselves short, or sell yourselves at all,

for that matter.  Each one of you has the inherent power within yourselves to develop, increase and advance not only this great continent, but the entire world. You were born to do it.  DO IT.

Let Your Dreams Rouse You to Make the World Better

I want you all to imagine yourselves beyond what is familiar and comfortable to you right now; beyond any obstacles that threaten to stop you; and beyond any circumstances that attempt to stigmatize you.  These are nothing more than stepping stones. See them for what they really are.  Use them to move and lift yourselves, your families, community and others out of contrived circumstances.

Do What You Never Imagined and Be What You Dare to Dream

Just over one year ago today, I informed you (Dagoretti Nyakinyua students), by way of a letter I'd written for your teacher, Mr. Kiwara, to read to you.  In the letter, I told you about my dream to one day visit Afrika.  I expressed to you how long my heart and soul had deeply yearned to see and experience the Motherland for myself.  A year ago, I had only imagined my feet standing on the richness of African soil.  I had only dreamed of Africa's rain falling down on my face.  I merely imagined myself stepping off of a plane and onto the beautiful continent from which my family was uprooted and taken away in chains.  

It was from my Afrikan ancestor's enslavement and fight to freedom that I became a citizen of the United States of America.  Nevertheless, Afrika will always be my home. 

Make Your Dream Your Reality

On December 4, 2015, I stood before you on the campus grounds of Dagoretti Nyakinyua School in Kenya.  I was there in demonstration of my dream. You witnessed it for yourselves.  You watched my dream unfold into reality before your own eyes.  And, I sincerely thank you for making my visit to your school and to Kenya  a 'Welcome Home' celebration for me.  I was greatly honored to be in your company, overwhelmed by your reception of me, and deeply moved by your expressions of love and gratitude.  Please know that I am eternally grateful that our paths were crossed - that God (Source) within me helped my dream to become my reality.  But, that was my dream.  What is your dream?   

And so, I say to each and every one of you again, dear students of Dagoretti Nyakinyua School: Your life is a journey that begins in your mind first.  Dream of your greatness.  Imagine your accomplishments.  Make them happen.

Always, always, and always,
Nyakinyua Rise! 

Donna Patton


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