Our Accomplishments

Here’s What We Accomplished in 2014

In October of 2014, The Nyakinyua Community Empowerment Program was able to ship 7 fully packed 18 x 18 x 18 (and larger) boxes filled with mostly clothing and shoes to impoverished students at Dargoretti Nyakinyua School in Molo, Kenya.  All packages passed through customs, and were ready for pickup in Molo before the Christmas break.  DLight S2 solar lamps (105 total) were purchased in Nairobi, Kenya were delivered and secured in a safe location until administrators/teachers were prepared to distribute them to students 

Several donors made generous donations of desperately needed clothing items and/or shoes.  Then there were those who provided financial support that enabled the Help Ministry to purchase DLight S2 solar lamps for 105 of the 408 households of the Dagoretti Nyakinyua School students who needed them the most.

To ensure no child was left out, my company, Abrah-Cove Publishing, funded the purchase of hundreds of pairs of underwear (innerwear) for each individual child (812 students).

We also received a last minute surprise from Nairobi, Kenya.  A childhood friend of Bisnah Kiwara (Dargoretti teacher/administrator) saw one of our “Go Fund Me” flyers on Facebook, and was inspired to purchase 58 brand new pairs of uniform shoes for the students.  And a relative of Mr. Kiwara donated several cases of sanitary napkins for female students who were unable to attend school during their menstrual cycles – for lack of feminine hygiene necessities.

Each and every one of the students received at least one item that we hope will meet one of their most urgent needs.  See what we provided, below:

  • Clothing items = close to 300 pieces 
  • Underwear for girls and boys = at least 2 per each child
  • Gym shoes = 13 pairs (used) like new
  • Brand New Uniform Shoes = 58 pairs

On November 13, 2014, School staff planned a ceremony of celebration where students received our gifts.  Parents, Teachers, Administration, and community representatives were in attendance.

Again, we thank each of you so very much for helping us to raise the hope and self-esteem of our Dargoretti Nyakinya Students.

Nyakinyua Rise!                     

Donna Patton

Dagoretti Nyakinyua School
Nyakinyua Community Empowerment Program
Dagoretti Nyakinyua School
c/o Bisnah Kiwara, Teacher/School Administrator/Project Overseer
P.O. BOX 438
Molo, Kenya 20106

Abrah-Cove Publishing - NCEP
c/o Donna Patton, Project Administrator/Coordinator & Principle Donor
Indiana  USA
Jlin  (USA)